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capturing humanity

​Émilie's eclectic journey has always been one of an artist, starting with music and visual arts. Nurturing an interest for dance, architecture and psychology, she feels home when working with diverse subjects and always succeeds in giving shape to emotions.


Studying photography at Concordia University in Montreal built the foundations of her vision, allowing to perfect and create her own visual vocabulary.

It was also an opportunity to re-discover herself, one step behind the lens, and explore the nature of her vision of the world.


Charmed by stolen moments, she always seeks these ephemeral ambiances, instants that only last a second. Around a street corner, discovering a village, hopping on a roof, Émilie wanders and follows our steps to give us an almost tangible memory of a piece of the past.


fascinated by artists, she loves the idea of capturing their creativity through hers.


But her soft eye does not stop at daily routines. Passionate about outdoors and travel, Émilie loves pacing along dirt trails, hiking mountains, swallowing kilometers to soak in on a little piece of the heaven that is Earth.


She looks at nature at all scales ; to her eyes, the fragile dew drop shyly nesting at the tip of a pine needle is on the same level of interest than that huge, timeless canyon.


Always looking for perfectly lit adventures, she recently spent two years on the road.

Living fifteen months in a van in New Zealand allowed her to dive in the most preserved, magnificent natural landscapes, and to get back to what really matters.


her pictures show love for art and nature, and a great empathy towards the human condition.

-j.c 2018

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